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Peer Housing Support Program

The Peer Housing Support Program is a Lived Experience community-driven initiative, dedicated to providing support with, and a sense of community and belonging for, people transitioning from experiences of homelessness to safe and stable housing of their choice.

The Peer Housing Support Program is a partnership between peers, peer supporters, the Coalition, and participating housing organizations. The effectiveness of peer support in recovery-informed practice is evidence-based as an integral support within health and social services. The Peer Housing Support program addresses the need for greater strengths-based housing support. It is modeled after peer-led initiatives in Mental Health and Addictions services and Veterans support. The program has been adapted to the specific needs of people who are currently experiencing, or who are transitioning through their recovery journeys with experiences with homelessness.

The attached url will provide access to the program webpage, links to the program Toolkit and Info sheet, and a description of the function of the Peer Housing Support Working Group, (comprised entirely of Lived Experience membership).